A Place in the World

Everyone wants a place in this world. Not on the sidelines, but a true place, with meaning and substance and beauty. A place where one feels the ground beneath one’s feet, and where one can still look up at the stars and sense the earth turning. There are days when this place feels assured, when nothing can shake our confidence and strength, when we walk with boldness, unafraid of the path we have chosen.

Then there are days when the sky is like a grey shield without comfort and everything one touches feels cold. Shadows are everywhere, even in sunlight, and there seems to be no refuge from the rain.

There are stories here. In the illustration portfolio the stories are told plainly, simply. But the paintings hide their meanings beneath paint, paper, collage, charcoal, found objects. I think, however, they are all striving for the same thing. They are the stories of all of us, all trying to find our way in the world, trying not to be swallowed up in some abyss, walking through a dark forest to find the light ahead. But the light is ahead. It is beauty. And beauty will save the world.